Monday, July 28, 2008

My Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me! Today is the start of a new decade in my life. The weekend was full of celebrations due to my Monday birthday. I was simply showered with coconut this year. Word got out that I like coconut. Wonder where? Just racking my brain trying to figure out how people knew. Hmmm. I also received a Lemon Raspberry cheesecake from my husband.
The first coconut cake that I received was on Saturday. Shortgirl made me a cake called Worth the Wait Coconut Cake. Very, very, moist. You know coconut cakes are notorious for being dry. I have had two Coconut cake failures because of this. I told myself that I was not going to try a new coconut cake recipe until I was sure it was good because of my three strike rule. You don’t see me making fudge now do you? Do you see a fudge recipe in my list to the right and you won’t. It got the third strike about 2 years ago. Why am I talking about my failures on such a happy day. Shortgirl’s cake soaks up all the creamy goodness in the cake. There is absolutely no chance for this one to be dry.
My second coconut cake that I received was from my sister-in-law. Very tasty too. It was totally different from the first cake. This cake had a refreshing, tart lime curd filling and a Seven Minute Frosting which is almost the same as an Italian Meringue. Seven Minute Frosting usually has corn syrup while the Meringue has cream of tarter. However, there are variations for both.
Thanks to those who worked so hard for my big day. I will be posting both cakes with pictures separately.

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