Thursday, October 22, 2009

Williams-Sonoma Sandwich Cookie Cake Pan

Hi! I'm not really ready to come back, but I will be baking for a least the next two weeks. Maybe a few things will end up here for you to see.
Thought I would start out with something simple since I have a very good excuse for my four month absence. "Mr. Man" has been keeping me very busy since his arrival on June 18th and so has BabyGirl. However, I am going to pat myself on the back for making 2, count them, 2 cherry pies when he was only 3 weeks old for a family event that I did not get to attend. I'm not bitter and I hope my pies were not either!
Moving on. So, Sister-In-Law needed a cake this week for a Cake Walk. Can you believe I have never been to one? Crazy. I thought it would be a good opportunity to use my new pan I got for my birthday. Oh yes, I celebrated a birthday during my maternity leave. Too tired to bake myself a cake this year, but I did enjoy some Key Lime Pie Cheesecake along with a few other tasty treats. Anywho, I pulled out my new cookie cake pan today and got busy.
I read reviews and tips on this pan until late in the night and decided that either it was going to be a disaster or just fine. I decided to throw caution to the wind this morning and spray the thing with a tremendous amount of Baker's Joy and hope for the best. Worked great. I don't know why all those reviewers had such a problem. I decided just to use a box cake mix and a simple buttercream frosting, 2 cups. When the cake came out of the oven I put the pans on the cooling rack for ten minutes and flipped them over. Said a short prayer and lifted the pans carefully. I looked over at Mr. Man, who was sitting next to me in his seat, hoping for a smile of encouragement, but instead he stuck out his tongue and made a raspberry sound. So no encouragement from my little helper. However, the pan lifted fine and I moved on to the icing. It took about 2 cups and I did scoop out a bit of cake from both layers to make sure that I got a good amount in between. If I had not been making this cake to package up I would have put the icing closer to the edge to look more like an Oreo. The final thing is taste. I'm not exactly sure, but who could go wrong with a cake mix.


shortgirl said...

I was all ready to say, "YOU'RE BACK!" Then I read the first line of your post. Fun read, even if you're not officially back.

TheMil10s said...

don't stay gone so long. modie has that pan as well, but made the version with ice cream filling. mmm.

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Andrea said...

I realize this it is 2016, but this post gave me hope. I've had these pans since 2008, used them once (disaster using Williams Sonoma recipe) and never used them again. I'm making this tonight for my cookie-loving brother's birthday. Thank you for the Baker's Joy tip!!! ��