Monday, July 21, 2008

The Ring

Note: All names have been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty whichever may apply.
Remember I told you I was a detective last week? Here is the story.
My husband bought a 1980 truck (“Diamond in the Rough”) five years ago in Corsicana, Texas, and had a mechanic restore the engine and fix the air conditioner. While it was being serviced, the mechanic discovered something in the truck. Inside the dash/air conditioner was a 1978 Spring High School class ring! The inscription inside the ring said, “Larry Taylor” and it was in excellent condition. The mechanic thought that it had probably fallen through the vent on top of the dash at some point. My husband tried unsuccessfully to locate the owner, and simply threw it in a drawer several years ago. I found the ring again while I was rolling coins this month, and decided to try to locate the owner through the Spring High School office. I thought that since the ring was 30 years old that they might be having a class reunion this year. I emailed the school thinking that if my email made it through the spam blocker that it might have a good chance of being believable. Linda, the high school registrar received the email and just happened to be the ring owner’s former classmate. She just happened to work with Dawn Taylor, one of the school’s secretaries and his cousin! What a small world. I finally got to speak with Larry on the phone last week and found out that he lost the ring in 1979 while hauling hay. He thought it was lost forever. Can you believe that it had been in there all this time? Needless to say, the ring is on its way to Mr. Taylor.

Oh, I hope it doesn’t get lost in the mail!

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